Vol. 2, No. 1

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Volume 2, No. 1 (ISSN 2158-9666) - May 2013

Transcolonial Film Coproductions in the Japanese Empire: 
Antinomies in the Colonial Archive


             Guest co-editor Takashi Fujitani, University of Toronto
             Guest co-editor Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Duke University

Collaboration, Coproduction, and Code-Switching: Colonial Cinema and Postcolonial Archaeology
    Nayoung Aimee Kwon, Duke University

One Film, or Many?: The Multiple Texts of the Colonial Korean Film Volunteer
    Jaekil Seo, Kookmin University

Subverting Ethnic Hierarchy?: The Film Suicide Squad at the Watchtower and Colonial Korea
    Naoki Mizuno, Kyoto University

The Colonial and Transnational Production of Suicide Squad at the Watchtower and Love and the Vow
    Naoki Watanabe, Musashi University

Between Ideology and Spectatorship: The “Ethnic Harmony” of the Manchuria Motion Picture Corporation, 1937–1945
    Sookyeong Hong, Cornell University

Negotiating Colonial Korean Cinema in the Japanese Empire: From the Silent Era to the Talkies, 1923-1939
    Chonghwa Chung, Korean Film Archive (KOFA)


Review Essays

         Knowing Society, Cultivating Citizens, and Making the State in Post-Imperial China
             Guilty of Indigence: The Urban Poor in China, 1900-1953, by Janet Y. Chen 
             A Passion for Facts: Social Surveys and the Construction of the Chinese Nation-State, 1900-                              1949, by Tong Lam 
                 Robert Culp, Bard College

         Governmentality in Late Colonial Korea?
             Race for Empire: Koreans as Japanese and Japanese as Americans during World War II, by Takashi                      Fujitani
             Brokers of Empire: Japanese Settler Colonialism in Korea, 1876-1945, by Jun Uchida
                 Henry Em, Yonsei University

         Mortuary Practices, Buddhism, and Family Relations in Japanese Society
             Nature's Embrace: Japan's Aging Urbanites and New Death Rites, by Satsuki Kawano
             Bonds of the Dead: Temples, Burial, and the Transformation of Contemporary                        
             Japanese Buddhism, by Mark Rowe
                 Nam-lin Hur, University of British Columbia

         Re-envisioning the Chinese Cityscape: Tabula Rasa and Palimpsest
             Painting the City Red: Chinese Cinema and the Urban Contract, by Yomi Braester        
             Mao’s New World: Political Culture in the People’s Republic, by Chang-tai Hung
                 Jie Li, Princeton University