Vol. 9, No. 1

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                                                                        Volume 9, No. 1 - May 2020
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Global Island: Taiwan and the World

Introduction to "Global Island: Taiwan and the World"
James Lin (University of Washington), Graeme Read (Australian National University), and Peter Thilly (University of Mississippi)

The Portraits of a Heroine: Huang Bamei and the Politics of Wartime History in China and Taiwan, 1930–1960
Weiting Guo, Simon Fraser University

Horai Rice in the Making of Japanese Colonial Taiwan
Wei Yi Leow, National University of Singapore

Martyrs of Development: Taiwanese Agrarian Development and Vietnam, 1959–1975
James Lin, University of Washington

Taiwan's Intersectional Cosmopolitanism: Local Women in Their Communities
Melissa J. Brown, Harvard University

Examining Cultural Discourses in Taiwanese Gender and Sexual Minority/Tongzhi Family-of-Origin Relationships
JhuCin Jhang, University of Texas, Austin

The Mischievous, the Naughty, and the Violent in a Taiwanese Village: Peer Aggression Narratives in Arthur P. Wolf's "Child Interview" (1959)
Jing Xu, University of Washington

Youth and Political Music in Taiwan: Resignifying the Nation at Inland Rock and Tshingsan Fest
Graeme Read, Australian National University

Making Southeast Asian Migrant Workers Visible in Taiwanese Cinema: Pinoy Sunday and Ye-Zai
Tzu-Chin Insky Chen, University of California, Los Angeles

Individual Submissions

Imagining the New Socialist Child: The Cultural Afterlife of the Child Martyr Wang Erxiao
Andrew Kauffman, Indiana University

Distancing All Around: Post-Ming China Realpolitik in Seventeenth-Century Korea
Joseph Jeong-il Lee, Northeast Asian History Foundation

Grounding History in Cheju Islanders' Travel Literature
Tommy Tran, University of California, Merced