Vol. 8, No. 1

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                                                                 Volume 8, No. 1 - May 2019
                                                                          (ISSN 2158-9666)


Diasporic Art and Korea Identity

Hijoo Son, Phillips Academy (guest editor)
Jooyeon Rhee, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (guest editor)

The Forgotten Childhoods of Korea: Ounie Lecomte’s A Brand New Life (2009) and So Yong Kim’s Treeless Mountain (2009)
Ji-yoon An, University of Tübingen

Performing in the “Cultural Borderlands”: Gender, Trauma, and Performance Practices of a North Korean Women’s Musical Troupe in South Korea
Iain Sands, Stockholm University

The Diasporic Intimacy and Transindividuality of Artists Himan Sŏk (1914–2003) and Jun Ch’ae (1926– )
Hijoo Son, Phillips Academy

* * *     

Air-Water-Land-Human: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Health and Environment

Ruth Rogaski, Vanderbilt University (guest editor)

Cholera and the Environment in Nineteenth-Century Japan
William Johnston, Wesleyan University

Danger in the Air: Tuberculosis Control and BCG Vaccination in the Republic of China, 1930–1949
Mary Augusta Brazelton, University of Cambridge

Air/Qi Connections and China's Smog Crisis: Notes from the History of Science
Ruth Rogaski, Vanderbilt University

“Swimming in Poison”: Reimagining Endocrine Disruption through China’s Environmental Hormones
Janelle Lamoreaux, University of Arizona

Sacred Trash and Personhood: Living in Daily Waste-Management Infrastructures in the Eastern Himalayas
Bo Wang, University of Lausanne