Vol. 7, No. 2

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Volume 7, No. 2 - November 2018
(ISSN 2158-9666)


Recent Research on North and South Korea

Patriotic Revolutionaries and Imperial Sympathizers: Identity and Selfhood of Korean-Japanese Migrants from Japan to North Korea
Markus Bell, University of Sheffield

“Becoming” North Koreans: Negotiating Gender and Class in Representations of North Korean Migrants on South Korean Television
Eun Ah Cho, University of California, Irvine

Modernity, Plastic Spectacle, and an Imperfect Utopia: A Critical Reflection on Plastic Paradise (1997) by Choi Jeonghwa
Soyang Park, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University

Chosŏn-Qing Tributary Discourse: Transgression, Restoration, and Textual Performativity
Joshua Van Lieu, LaGrange College

Not There For the Nutmeg: North Korean Advisors in Grenada and Pyongyang’s Internationalism, 1979–1983
Benjamin R. Young, U.S. Naval War College

* * *     

Writing Revolution Across Northeast Asia

Steven S. Lee, University of California, Berkeley

Rethinking World Literature through the Relations between Russian and East Asian Literatures
Heekyoung Cho, University of Washington

Boris Pilniak and Sergei Tretiakov as Soviet Envoys to China and Japan and Forgers of New, Post-Imperial Narratives (1924–1926)
Katerina Clark, Yale University

Writing Manchukuo: Peripheral Realism and Awareness in Kang Kyŏngae’s Salt
Jeehyun Choi, University of California, Berkeley

Demystifying the Nation: The Communist Concept of Ethno-Nation in 1920s–1930s Korea
Vladimir Tikhonov, University of Oslo

Anarchism and Culture in Colonial Korea: Minjung Revolution, Mutual Aid, and the Appeal of Nature
Sunyoung Park, University of Southern California

Afterword: Mapping Socialism Across Eurasia
Edward Tyerman, University of California, Berkeley