Vol. 6, No. 1

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Volume 6, No. 1 - May 2017
(ISSN 2158-9666)


Cartographic Anxieties

Introduction to "Cartographic Anxieties"
Franck Billé, University of California, Berkeley

Fishers and Territorial Anxieties in China and Vietnam: Narratives of the South China Sea Beyond the Frame of the Nation
Edyta Roszko, University of Copenhagen

The "Da Ming Hunyi Tu": Repurposing a Ming Map in Sino-African Diplomacy
Alexander Akin, Bolerium Books

Cartographic Anxieties in Mongolia: The Bogd Khan's Picture-Map
Uranchimeg Tsultemin, University of California, Berkeley

On China's Cartographic Embrace: A View from Its Northern Rim
Franck Billé, University of California, Berkeley

A Spectacle of Maps: Cartographic Hopes and Anxieties in the Pamirs
Martin Saxer, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

* * *     

Recent Research on China, Korea, and Japan

Language and Family Dispersion: North Korean Linguist Kim Su-gyŏng and the Korean War
Ryuta Itagaki, Doshisha University

Migrant Labor and Massacres: A Comparison of the 1923 Massacre of Koreans and Chinese during the Great Kanto Earthquake and the 1931 Anti-Chinese Riots and Massacre of Chinese in Colonial Korea
Byung Wook Jung, Korea University

War Remembered, Revolution Forgotten: Recasting the Sino-North Korean Alliance in China’s Post-Socialist Media State
Zhao Ma, Washington University in St. Louis

Nakanishi Inosuke and Chungsŏ Ijijo: Realism and Authenticity in Early Proletarian Literature
Quillon Arkenstone, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Predicated on the People: Legitimating Politics and Parties in Early Republican China
Shakhar Rahav, University of Haifa

“Sacred, the Laborers”: Writing Chinese in the First World War
Yurou Zhong, University of Toronto