Vol. 4, No. 2

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Volume 4, No. 2 - November 2015
(ISSN 2158-9666)

Governing Marriage Migrations: Perspectives from Mainland China and Taiwan
Rethinking Business History in Modern China


Governing Marriage Migrations: Perspectives from Mainland China and Taiwan

Guest Editor Elena Barabantseva, University of Manchester
Guest Editor Antonia Chao, Tunghai University
Guest Editor Biao Xiang, University of Oxford

A Tale of a Global Family: Shifts and Connections among Different Streams of Marriage Migrations in Asia
Hongfang Hao, Kyoto University

The Creation of a Nonexistent Group: Sino-Vietnamese Couples in China’s Borderlands
Caroline Grillot, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology 

From “Customary” to “Illegal”: Yao Ethnic Marriages on the Sino-Vietnamese Border
Elena Barabantseva, University of Manchester 

The “Fake Marriage” Test in Taiwan: Gender, Sexuality, and Border Control
Mei-Hua Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University

Gender and Power Dynamics in Transnational Marriage Brokerage: The Ban on Commercial Matchmaking in Taiwan Reconsidered
Hsun-Hui Tseng, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Rethinking Business History in Modern China

Guest Editor Wen-hsin Yeh, University of California, Berkeley
Guest Editor Klaus Mühlhahn, Freie Universität Berlin
Guest Editor Hajo Frölich, Freie Universität Berlin 

France and the Gulf of Tonkin Region: Shipping Markets and Political Interventions in South China in the 1890s
Bert Becker, University of Hong Kong 

From Globalization to Liquidation: The Deutsch-Asiatische Bank and the First World War in China
Ghassan Moazzin, University of Cambridge

The South Manchurian Railway Company and the Mining Industry: The Case of the Fushun Coal Mine
Tsu-yu Chen, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

Regional Cultural Enterprises and Cultural Markets in Early Republican China: The Motion Picture as Case Study
Matthew D. Johnson, Grinnell College 

Surviving Socialism: Private Industry and the Transition to Socialism in China, 1945–1958
Robert K. Cliver, Humboldt State University