Vol. 4, No. 1

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Volume 4, No. 1 - May 2015
(ISSN 2158-9666)

(De)Memorializing the Korean War: A Critical Intervention
Recent Research on China


(De)Memorializing the Korean War: A Critical Intervention

Guest Editor Suzy Kim, Rutgers University

China’s Memory and Commemoration of the Korean War in the Memorial Hall of the “War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea”
Keun-Sik Jung, Seoul National University

Nationalist Technologies of Cultural Memory and the Korean War: Militarism and Neo-Liberalism in “The Price of Freedom” and the War Memorial of Korea
Daniel Y. Kim, Brown University

Specters of War in Pyongyang: The Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in North Korea
Suzy Kim, Rutgers University

The Ongoing Korean War at the Sinch’ŏn Museum in North Korea
Sunghoon Han, Yonsei University

Silenced in Memoriam: Consuming Memory at the Nogŭnri Peace Park
Seunghei Clara Hong, Yonsei University

Politicidal Violence and the Problematics of Localized Memory at Civilian Massacre Sites: The Cheju 4.3 Peace Park and the Kŏch’ang Incident Memorial Park
Brendan Wright, University of British Columbia

Bruce Cumings, University of Chicago

Recent Research on China

Beggars, Black Bears, and Butterflies: The Scientific Gaze and Ink Painting in Modern China
Lisa Claypool, University of Alberta

“Music for a National Defense”: Making Martial Music during the Anti-Japanese War
Joshua H. Howard, University of Mississippi

The Tangdan Copper Mines and the 1733 Earthquake: A Mining Community before the Boom in the Far Southwest of Qing China
Nanny Kim, Heidelberg University

Civil War, Revolutionary Heritage, and the Chinese Garden
Tobie Meyer-Fong, Johns Hopkins University

“Chinese Children Rise Up!”: Representations of Children in the Work of the Cartoon Propaganda Corps during the Second Sino-Japanese War
Laura Pozzi, European University Institute

Engendering Children of the Resistance: Models of Gender and Scouting in China, 1919–1937
Margaret Mih Tillman, Purdue University