Chinese Leisure Scenes through Sidney Gamble's Camera

Introduction to "Chinese Leisure Scenes through Sidney Gamble's Camera"

Luo Zhou, Curator
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 Sidney Gamble in China, c. 1915-1917. Source: Duke University Libraries.Sidney D. Gamble was a trained sociologist and an amateur photographer. He took nearly five thousand photographs during four trips to China between 1908 and 1932, covering a wide range of elements of Chinese society and providing a visual archive for an important period in Chinese history. Among Gamble’s many interesting images documenting events and moments during those turbulent years, the photographs that capture leisure scenes are uniquely charming, giving us a peek into the daily lives of Chinese people a century ago. This article accompanies the September 2013 Cross-Currents photo essay, which features images selected by curator Luo Zhou from the Sidney D. Gamble Photographs collection ( digitalcollections/gamble/).

To view 15 minutes of edited archival footage of Sidney Gamble's three trips to Miao Feng Shan (Marvelous Peak Mountain), a popular Daoist pilgrimage site, 1924-1927, please click here.