Readings in Korean

"Readings from Asia" highlights significant recent scholarship published in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, in order to bring it to the attention of a wider, international readership. This issue of Cross-Currents features a review by Yerim Kim (Yonsei University) of a new title in Korean. Kim suggests that Imagined America by Sei-jin Chang offers a shift of scholarly attention by viewing the U.S. as a construct created by responding agents, rather than as a bounded entity. This perspective, Kim notes, is especially useful when probing South Korea-U.S. relations at the level of culture—more specifically, when examining not the nature of their relations but the kind of imaginary actions that came forth as a result of their relations. 

Questioning America Again

Chang Sei-jin. Sangsangdoen America: 1945 nyǒn 8wol ihu Hangukui neisǒn seosanǔn ǒtteoke mandǔleogǒtnǔnga 상상된 아메리카: 1945년 8월 이후 한국의 네이션 서사는 어떻게 만들어졌는가 [Imagined America: How national narratives of Korea have been constructed since August, 1945]. Seoul: Purǔn Yeoksa, 2012.

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