Endnote to "Mediating Chineseness in Cambodia" - Sojourns Across Sources: Unbraiding Sino-Cambodian Histories

Guest co-editor Penny Edwards, University of California, Berkeley
Bentougong Shrine Pnum Sa, Kampot, 1995. Photo: Penny Edwards.
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In her introduction to this special issue of Cross-Currents, Lorraine Paterson sets the scene for the featured articles and provides the context from which they emerged. This endnote essay works to a reverse formula, seeking if not to unweave then to unsettle the notion of bounded coherence and to spotlight instead the inchoate nature of any project to document the past. Rather than braiding together threads of our contributors' articles to signal the thematic coherence of this suite of papers on “mediating Chineseness,” I work instead from key themes presented in this collection to gesture towards loose ends and unstitched seams. Mirroring the genre of Willmott’s memoir essay, I invite reflection on these in-between spaces and the possibilities they represent for developing new approaches to the articulation, study, and mediation of “Chineseness” in Cambodia.