Images 6 and 7: Two Groups of Shambhala Kulikas

Shambhala and the Prague Thangka: The Myth’s Visual Representation

Images 6 and 7: Two Groups of Shambhala Kulikas

There is no agreement concerning the list of names and order of the thirty-two Shambhala kings in the Tibetan and Mongolian literature; for differences in their names and numbers, see Bernbaum (1980, 287); Roerich ( [1932] 1967); Bělka (2007, 131–135, figs. 1–2; 2009); Meinert (2011, 354–355, fig. 180). Because this is not a real historical line, the numbers, order, and names are unimportant. Only twenty-five kings are depicted here.


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