Readings in Japanese

"Readings from Asia" highlights significant recent scholarship published in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, in order to bring it to the attention of a wider, international readership. This issue of Cross-Currents features a review essay by Hyojin Kim about a pair of recent books in Japanese that explore two vital aspects of the rapid changes that Japan has experienced in the third millennium: the Internet and nuclear power plants.

Hamano Satoshi (濱野智史). Akitekucha no seitaikei: jōhō kankyō wa ikani sekkei saretekitaka アーキテクチャの生態系 =情報環境はいかに設計されてきたか [The Ecology of Architecture: How the Information Environment Has Been Designed]. Tokyo: NTT Shuppan (NTT 出版), 2008. 

Kainuma Hiroshi (開沼博). “Fukushima” ron: genshiryokumura wa naze umareta no ka 「フクシマ」論 : 原子力ムラはなぜ生まれたのか [Understanding Fukushima: What is the Origin of Japan’s Nuclear Power Village?]. Tokyo: Seido-sha (青土社), 2011.