Photograph 26. Preparing the Shaman for Oboo Worship

"Oboo" Sacred Monuments in Hulun Buir: Their Narratives and Contemporary Worship

Photograph 26. Preparing the Shaman for Oboo Worship

Whereas a lama reads prayers, a shaman performs the ritual with the assistance of his or her assistant and spirits. The shamanic costume and drum are of prime importance since they are used to call and manage the spirits. Some shamans may wear a mask, the function of which is to gain the power of certain deities and to communicate with the spirit world.[1] In this picture, taken a few minutes before the ritual, the main Dahur shaman’s assistant helps put on her mask.

Merten clan Oboo erection ritual, Dahur people.

[1] Guo Shuyun. 2015. “Shamanic Mask Types of Ethnic Minorities in Northern China.” In Studies on Shamanism in Ethnic Groups of Northeast China, edited by Shuyun Guo, 135–152. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, Bibliotheca Shamanistica, p. 136.



Bayantal Dahur ethnic village, Evenki Autonomous Banner, June 2017