Ying-kuei Huang’s "The Path Towards 'Civilization'”

Ying-kuei Huang’s recent three-volume work, The Path Towards “Civilization” (in Chinese), is the result of over forty years of research on an Austronesian group living in Taiwan’s high central mountain range. It provides an ethnographic account of Bunun culture and society of a scope and breadth that has rarely been attempted. Huang’s goal is to provide a description of Bunun culture and then show how it has changed over the course of colonization and modernization, and, most recently, under the new neoliberal order. Even while emphasizing the changes that have transpired in the past decade or so, Huang also takes pains to trace the continuities that connect the Bunun of today with the culture of the past and provide potential guideposts for future developments.

Taiwan’s Austronesians, from Colonization to Neoliberalization: An Introduction to Ying-kuei Huang’s "The Path Towards 'Civilization'”

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