Viewing Paintings at an Exhibition 讀畫圖 [Duhua tu]

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Viewing Paintings at an Exhibition 讀畫圖 [Duhua tu]

Chen Shizeng 陳師曾, Viewing Paintings at an Exhibition 讀畫圖 [Duhua tu], 1917. Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; 87.7 x 46.6 cm. The Palace Museum, Beijing.

丁巳十二月一日,葉玉甫,金鞏伯,陳仲恕 諸君,集京師收藏家之所有於中央公園,展覽七日,每日更換,共六七百種,取來觀者之費以振京畿水灾,因圖其時[讀畫]之景[i],以記盛事。陳衡恪。

On the first day of the twelfth month of the dingsi year (1917), Ye Yufu (Ye Gongchuo 葉恭綽 18811968), Jin Gongbo (Jin Cheng 金城 18781926), and Chen Zhongshu gathered together everything owned by master collectors in the capital for a 7-day exhibition at the Central Park (now Zhongshan Park 中山公園). Every day we rotated the objects on display, altogether 670 things. The admission fee paid by those who came by to view it was used to fund disaster flood relief for the capital region. I sketched a picture of the scene in order to record this great event. Chen Hengke.

[i] Duhua 讀畫 was blotted out by the painter in the inscription.