Recent Scholarship from Korea

"Readings from Asia" highlights significant recent scholarship published in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, in order to bring it to the attention of a wider, international readership. An English summary is provided, along with a link to the original publication. This issue of Cross-Currents features four articles by Korean scholars.

A Survey of North Korean Studies in South Korea: Current Status and Prescriptions for Establishment as an Independent Discipline

Hanguk jeongchi hakhoebo (한국정치학회보), vol. 45, no. 3 (June 2011).

Note: This article was originally published in English.

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Literary Censorship during Japanese Colonial Rule and the Need for Comparative Study

식민지시기 문학검열과 비교연구의 필요성

Bigyo munhak, vol. 41 (2007).

Historical Significance of the Injo Restoration in Light of Sino-Korean Relations in the Early Seventeenth Century

조중관계의 관점에서 본 인조반정의 역사적 의미: 명의 조선에 대한 ‘의제적 지배력’과 관련하여

Nammyeonghak, vol. 16 (2011).

The Development and Characteristics of Multiculturalism in South Korea: Focusing on the Relationship of the State and Civil Society

한국적 다문화주의의 전개와 특성: 국가와 시민사회의 역할을 중심으로

Hanguk sahoehak, vol. 42, no. 2 (2008).