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Annual Publishing Cycle

December:  e-journal  
March:        e-journal 
May:           print journal (articles from December and March online issues)
June:          e-journal 
September: e-journal 
November:  print journal (articles from June and September online issues)

* Cross-Currents operates on a rolling deadline for submissions. 


Within the scope of the journal as defined in the Mission Statement, manuscripts should represent work that sheds new light on, or has significant implications for, current models used to understand aspects of East Asian history and culture. Submissions will be reviewed in terms of their:

  1. Originality
  2. Usefulness and audience
  3. Quality of scholarship
  4. Engagement with existing literature
  5. Quality of writing and accuracy


Overview of the Review Process 

Our review process is designed to provide authors with respectful and constructive feedback in a timely manner. The Managing Editor at Cross-Currents works in partnership with the journal’s editorial board, which includes prominent East Asia scholars representing a wide range of fields and regions, to ensure fair and objective decision-making.

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the Managing Editor to confirm that the scholarship is within the scope of the journal and that the manuscript follows our submissions guidelines. The manuscript is then assigned to a scholar with expertise in the relevant area (usually one of our editorial board members). This individual will decide if it offers a significant contribution to the field. Approved papers will then be sent out to 2–3 appropriate scholars for double-blind peer review. The author may exclude any specific reviewers. Such exclusions will be respected if doing so does not compromise the journal's ability to thoroughly assess the paper.

When all reviews have been received and considered by the editors, a decision letter to the author will be sent, along with the unedited reviewers' reports. The paper may be: accepted as is, accepted with minor revisions, eligible for re-submission with major revisions, or rejected. Revised papers will be sent to one or more of the original reviewers for a final decision.


In the interest of encouraging frank, critical feedback on all manuscripts under consideration for publication in Cross-Currents, all comments forwarded to authors will be anonymous.

Timely Review

We aim to respond to submissions in 8 weeks.  If you do not receive a response within this timeframe, please contact the Managing Editor at +1 510-643-3378 or email


Note: Cross-Currents does not charge authors a publication fee or APC (article processing charge).

Research Articles

A complete manuscript submission to Cross-Currents includes the following three items:

1.     Cover Sheet

To submit a manuscript, please use our electronic submission form. You will be asked to provide your name, institutional affiliation, and contact information, as well as a title and abstract in the boxes provided. The title should clearly convey the paper’s content. The abstract (200 words) should include a statement of the paper’s hypothesis and/or objectives, the research methods and resources used, the conclusions presented, and the implications of those results. You will also be asked to indicate that you have not submitted a related or duplicate manuscript for publication elsewhere. At the bottom of the form, you can upload your MS Word manuscript and any supporting files.

If electronic submission is not possible, please contact the Managing Editor by email or phone:

Managing Editor, Cross-Currents
Tel:  (+1) 510-643-3378

Electronic text should use MS Word-compatible software; also include a PDF file if using non-standard characters. 

2.     Manuscript

Article manuscripts should range between 7,000 and 9,000 words, or approximately thirty pages in length, and must include a 200-word abstract at the beginning of the document and a brief list of keywords for indexing purposes.

Please download the Cross-Currents style sheet for details concerning manuscript preparation. When in doubt, authors are encouraged to consult the most recent issues of the Cross-Currents e-journal for models of style.

Manuscripts submitted to Cross-Currents must not have been published elsewhere in any language or format and may not be under review for publication elsewhere.

Cross-Currents encourages the submission of manuscripts from around the globe and aims to be inclusive of scholarly work that was not originally written in English. As a step towards reaching a wide and international readership, we accept either:

1) a full English-language manuscript, or

2) (with the editor's approval) a full manuscript in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese accompanied by a substantial summary of the article in English. If accepted for review, however, authors of non-English articles are required to provide an English translation of the paper. The review, revision, and copy editing process will be handled entirely in English.

3.     Supporting Files (if applicable) 

We ask authors to submit essential supporting files and multimedia files along with their manuscripts. All supporting material will be subject to peer review and should be smaller than 10MB in size. We will publish multimedia files with copyright clearance in the e-journal as supporting information, and information on how to access these online resources will be embedded in the text or footnotes of articles in the print journal. Please submit your supporting files at the same time that you submit your manuscript.

Low-resolution images and illustrations are acceptable for the review process; all images, tables and figures should be numbered and include titles or captions. Please note that in the event of publication, the author is responsible for acquiring high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) images, along with permission to publish them.

Once accepted, the final manuscript is copyedited by a professional copyeditor who will communicate with the author via the Managing Editor about any necessary corrections. If the corrected article is received by the stated deadline, the article will be published online in the next quarterly edition of the Cross-Currents e-journal.

The e-journal offers logged-on readers the opportunity to add “Comments” about published articles. The Comments function (visible in the margin of the text), is intended to facilitate non-anonymous, community-building discussions concerning the content, conclusions, and implications of published articles.

Special Issue Proposals

Interested guest editors should first make sure that the topic and historical time frame of the research to be submitted fits within the scope of the journal, as described here.

A special issue proposal must include:

1. 1-2 page description of the special issue, including the importance and timeliness of its main theme
2. Name, job title, and institutional affiliation of all contributors
3. Title and 200-word abstract for each paper to be submitted

It is important to let all contributors know that each paper will be individually peer reviewed. For this reason, we encourage guest editors to start with 6-8 papers to be sure to end up with 4-6 at the end of the process. These numbers are flexible, the only constraint being page limitations for the print issue. 

Photo Essay Proposals

Photo essays include: 

1) 20-40 high-quality images with descriptive captions and complete source information,
2) a curator’s statement, and
3) a longer non-peer reviewed essay (8-15 pages) contextualizing the photographs and highlighting their significance for current trends of inquiry in Asian studies. This essay can be written by the curator or by an invited scholar.

The photographs should be taken in China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, or Vietnam. They may be contemporary images taken as part of the curator’s research or archival materials. Please consult the Cross-Currents mission statement to determine whether the proposed essay fits within the journal's historical and disciplinary scope. Obtaining copyright permissions for all images is the responsibility of the curator.

Proposals must include: 5-10 sample images (as a single PDF); a one-page description of the theme of the essay and the timeliness/importance of the images to scholars of Asia; a brief bio paragraph about the curator; and complete contact information. 

To view archived Cross-Currents photo essays, please click here.

Please email proposals to Keila Diehl, Managing Editor, at

Essays, Reviews, Editorials, and Debates

Essays are solicited or unsolicited opinion pieces, grounded in evidence, on a topic of broad interest to a general East Asian studies audience. They may be up to 1,200 words long, with up to 12 references and 2 display items (images, charts, etc.). Essays are selected by the Cross-Currents editors for their academic strength and timeliness and will be published in the electronic version of Cross-Currents only. Submit essays as PDF files to the Managing Editor by using our electronic submission form

Cross-Currents also welcomes scholarly reviews of recent publications and exhibitions. Comparative reviews are especially welcome. Email review proposals to the Managing Editor at

Editorials are written in house by members of the Cross-Currents editorial team.

The editors may occasionally commission online debates from two or more authors with differing points of view. The usual format is that each author will have the opportunity to express their opinion on a topic of interest to Cross-Currents readers within 750 words, 10 references maximum, and one display item (image, chart, etc.). Each piece will then be sent to the other participant who will be allowed 300 words to respond.  Authors should aim to produce a constructive criticism of their opponent’s views.


The quarterly electronic and semi-annual print editions of Cross-Currents are related yet distinct publications. The print journal features all articles from the peer-reviewed and published issues of our e-journal (the journal of record for indexing and citation purposes). The print journal may also seek to further cluster e-journal essays that treat related themes. 

When it is time for articles from the e-journal to be published in a print issue of Cross-Currents, the author will be contacted and encouraged to incorporate any online feedback generated by the e-journal’s “Comments” feature when editing the final manuscript. A Publication Agreement is also required by the University of Hawai'i Press.